Teddy Bear Help Out Expression !!

Header picture of teddy bear expression cupcakes
Teddy Bear always a way to express our expression, for birthday, propose, valentine or can say any occasion ! Remember our previous teddy design ? Here, here and here and lots more !

For this request, each teddy need to hold a character to form the Happy Birthday !!!
And each teddy bear with different expression, some with 3D spec, haha.. =)
Full View picture of Teddy Bear Expression Cupcakes

This is what i mean the one with 3D spec, cute ?
Picture of teddy bear with 3D spec

Tips of the day:
To have different expression of teddy bear, do list down each of them first, if not, we will mix all up and may end up duplicate expression.

We like this last teddy bear, it is cute, right too ?
Picture of teddy bear holding character

Teddy bear are always the great design for any vacation and have different type of teddy, choose one and let us know, lets create your own expression !!
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