This Sony PS3 is Edible, Can Be Eat !

Header picture of PS3 Cake
Do you like to play games ? regardless computer, Facebook, Line, XBox, you sure heard about Sony PS3 !
Obviously this birthday boy like to play game very much, especially with PS3.

How big the cake ? the size is like an A4 paper, so you can imagine the size.
And the challenging part is the joystick or so call controller, huh... is so challenging !!
No doubt, is our first time and we accepted the request and so glad that they like the outcome too. =)

Most of the time spend on the controller, feel that the outcome is acceptable, right ?

Top view picture of controller

Front view for the controller, look at the small tiny button, that take times...
Tips of the day:
Is best to let the controller fully dry then only add on the small details, else, the whole controller will in different shape !

Controller front view picture

Last but not lease the full view for the cake, like it too ?
Full view picture of PS3 cake

Do you like Sony PS3 too ? Or XBox ? or other gaming device ?
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