Doraemon - 小叮噹 - An, an, an ...

Header picture of Doraemon
An, an, an, Tot te mo da i su ki, Doraemon ...
A robotic cat created since 1969. Of course, definitely one of our favorite cartoon character, you also ?

So glad that this time we able to create this character.
To make it more interesting, we try to create the expression when he saw his lovely... dorayaki ? or another cute kitty ? your choice ... !!

Closer view for the Doraemon... the eyes are blink.. blink..
Closer view of Doraemon cake

Full view for the Doraemon cake !
Full view of Doraemon cake

Tips of the day:
To have better expression of Doraemon, is better to place all his eye, tongue, etc together before stick it !

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