Sculpture Nikon D800E Camera !! for you in Penang !

Header picture of camera cake

Another special request for Nikon D800E camera ! We have created a few sculpture camera before, first would be the pink camera, then a few Canon brand camera, and to forgot those on cupcakes, etc.

So, once accepted the order, need to go check the specs, details dimension, etc.. That really a cool camera, really really lots of awesome features !!

We like the output for this sculpture cake, it looks awesome, isn't it?
Top view of camera cake

Tips of the day:
What to prepare ? it would be everything, because each part (like the lens, button, display) need to know the  size we need to create, so better list down each of that to make sure no miss out. =)

How about this view ? close enough ?
Closer view of camera cake

Again, side view of the camera 
Side view of camera cake

You also need a camera cake design for him ? her ? or .. ?
Just let us know that, we make it a another unique cake for your event !!
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