Moo.. Moo.. Cow Headshot Cupcakes for you in Penang !

Header picture of cow cupcakes
Moo... moo..moo..
So happy to got this order again, because we can create the cow designs.
Why so special about the cow design? Nothing special, just feel that long time not created this cute animal only. =)

We take this opportunity to create different eye expression on the cow, feel thats cute, especially for the female cow, with the curve eye brown ! And not forget for a cute cow sitting there, we like her very much !

Cow cupcakes top view piture

 Closer view for the cow design on cupcakes !
Cow headshot cupcakes close view picture
Tips of the day:
For the nose of the cow, you actually can change it to other color, make it looks like many different type of cow too.

Do you like the cow design we created too ?
Or you actually like to see other cute animals ? Tell us and we will try to have that for you.
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