Barney & Friends for celebration at Penang Mainland !!

Header picture for Barney and Friends cake

Barney and Friends !!
An American children's television series aimed at children from ages 2 to 5 !!
I bet you have been watching this children show someway, somewhere.. true ?

It also a famous characters request by the parents for the children. Some kid like only Barney, but some like Barney friends - BJ or Baby Bob. Not sure who they are? Watch the best trailer of Barney:

To to delay, below are the design we have created.
We like all three, but have customer feedback Barney not so same and need to improve.
Ya, will definitely take note that !!
Sugarpaste design for Barney and Friends

Top tier cake with design on top, like the side design too ?
Top tier view of Barney and Friends cake

Overall view of the cake design, bottom is a dummy. Thats the practice in KL, not bad though... =)
Barney and Friends cake full view

Want to view other Barney design too ? at HERE, HERE or HERE !

Or just let us know which Barney series you like and how you want it on your cake.