Big Head Baby Cake in Penang Island !

Header picture of big head baby cake
A very good day to you... time flies and now already Oct 2014 !!
Recently lots of request for big head... big head Pororo, HelloKitty, etc ..

This round make it another little different... still big head, but 3D now.. =)
A 3D baby with bigger head, like the outcome very much, hope you like it too..
Simple and clean design with some baby items surrounding it, make it another feel for the cake design !

Big head baby cake from top view

How about the overall look for the cake, we just LOVE it.
Do i said we also received great feedback from the customer ? =)
Big head baby cake overall view

Want to have your ideas on next cake you want ? Just let us know at HERE 
Lets works on something and have it your unique celebration !!