Unique Safari Theme Design Tiers Cake again from Penang !

Header picture of safari and animals theme cake
Safari theme design birthday cake always a top hitter / request by parents, same for this round.
I still recall on other related cute animal designs HERE and HERE, it really fun making those cute little animals, agree ?

Since it is so famous for birthday cakes, we make it little bit different... how ? Lets get more below !
How about the animals in action to look for "AN APPLE" ?

Here come the first picture, you know where the APPLE is...
Picture of hippo looking at apple on tree

1 animals efforts always not enough, how about with others ?
Closer view of all animals on cake

Not only unique for the animal with different expression, we make the cake have 3 views !
First, Leopard pattern design view !
Cake with leopard pattern and design

2nd the Giraffe pattern design !
Cake with Giraffe pattern design 

3rd view with Zebra pattern design view !
 Cake on Zebra pattern design

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