Cute Baby Girl with Toys on Pillow Cake !

 Header picture of baby girl with toy
Very good day to everyone !!
What a great day again... This request from my hubby close friends's brother for his daughter birthday !! He is a well known wedding photographer.. Malaysia Top 10 Wedding Photograhper !! why not visit his Facebook HERE too ?

Request very specific.. a cute girl represent his daughter, baby's favorites toy, wearing the dress for the actual party day !! and of course sitting on top of pink pillow ...
Challenging tasks ?? Of course.. but we like the outcome. !!! =)

Personally i like the toys more..  =)
Close view picture of baby girl

Like the clean and smooth pillow too ?

Picture of baby girl from far view

Like the view from this angle !!
Top view picture of baby girl

Not enough ? Get 1 for your coming event ?
Just let us know HERE or WhatApps, Facebook messenger, whatever you can reach us.. =)