Cigar Sculpture Cake - Black Dragon in Penang Island !

Header Picture of Cigar Sculpture Cake

Cigar Sculpture Cake .. brand Black Dragon Gurkha !
A another new challenges request because want it to have little different from ordinary cake..
Let see how we make that happen.. =)

Side view picture of Cigar Sculpture Cake

From research, the cigar may cost up to $200,000 per box, not believe ? Link HERE

Close view picture of Cigar Sculpture Cake

See something burning now ?
More closer view picture of Cigar Sculpture Cake

How about closer view of the burning part !
Burning picture of Cigar Sculpture Cake

So sad that accidentally deleted the movie.. =(
Will be more careful next round ...

Need another expensive cigar ?? or cigarettes sculpture cakes ?
Or looking for other sculpture design HERE, HERE , etc..

Or just ping us at 016-4677 534 or submit an enquiry form at HERE
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