Unique version of Poka Dot Cake in Penang !

Why we always said everyone deserved a unique cake ???
Cause everyone's birthday only happen once a year, so MUST BE UNIQUE !! =)

And to make it unique.. it always a challenging tasks for us.. cracking head every moment...
Why ?? 
Like this round... customer request Poka Dot cake as below... to make it unique... ?? How ?
And is a big cake more that 10inch in width and length. 

Tada... our final output .. A total change of the design, instead of plan color.. make it extremely colorful. And have the name extra outstanding ! Love it !! =)

You know where is this place, right ?? =)

And supported by individual cupcakes as door gift for guests !

Thanks for sharing the happy moment with us... The pictures are awesome !
2 handsome boy... birthday boy !!

Happy event for the kids !!

 Another challenging tasks for us to think about how to make unique cake for your next party ?
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