Precious Planet | Fisher Price Cake Design !

Do you know PRECIOUS PLANET toys ?? 

A name of the planet in universe ?
Or how about do you know Fisher-Price toys ?

You are right, a well known brand of a toy maker. And we try to put them together on a birthday cake !
YES ! first time for us to create the cute animals on a cake for birthday celebration.
Before that, would like to share with you are the characters for this Precious Planet Cake.
There have Lion, the main character, monkey, hippopotamus, polar bear, etc.

Here the main character design on top.

Of course... lovely hippo

Do I mention monkey ? Yes, here is the design.

Of course, if you would like to see orther Cute Animal design / Cute Cartoon Characters, just click the link to submit your request or for enquiries.
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May comment and let us know what cute animal you like most ...