M&M for Chines New Year 2014 ?

Header picture for M&M Cake

Hahahaha.. keep laughing that we will make this sexy and cute character design !!
Plan to have them for this coming Chinese New Year 2014 celebration too ? Why not, right?

Yes, it is M&M design, for more details about M&M ?
Correct, total have 6 colors for this nice chocolate candies ! The flavor that we like most is the one with Peanut Butter, you like that too ?

But for this design, no flavor added, only the marshmallow flavor itself. =)
For cake of cause is the choice of flavor by customer. To make this cake colorful, we try to cover it with colorful stripes, the outcome is so attractive and striking, correct?
This one HERE and HERE also another striking design too. =)

Also, created the RED and GREEN color M&M candies, represent a "man" and a "woman"!
Surrounding with other imitate M&M candies. Do you see the character on the body? is J&J !! =)

Tips of the day:
Make sure the design is totally dry before adding on other details, else the shape may change. =)

Picture of overall design for M&M Cake

Picture of M&M Cake in closer view

Personally, we like the design very much too. So glad have chance to create this !!

Looking for other candies design ? Let talk on that more details.
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