Baby Shower - Not Baby Shower Cake.. !

 Header picture of Baby in Shower cake
Baby in action - Shower ! 
Of course, we make sure it is "U" for any audience.. =)

This round request together with teddy bear cookies design, you may found some other design at here, here too. Teddy bear cookies with ribbon and thank you tag, it looks so presentable !

Picture of teddy bear cookies with cake

Not forgot the design on cake, with floating milk bottle, pacifier, toys, rubber duck,etc
Design picture of baby in shower middle tier cake

Baby staring at the host, something wrong in it?
Picture of baby staring the water host

 Overall look for the cake design, we like it so much... u too?
Picture of full view baby in shower cake

Tips of the day:
Shower host need to make sure it dry for few days before put on cakes, else it may .. you know what i mean. =)

Need some other baby design ? Here, here, etc.

Wish to know more what other design we can create ? Let us know what you have in your mind, we will create that for you !
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