Barbie Doll Cake with Customer Costume !

Picture of Barbie Cake Header

Nowadays the Barbie doll are so adorable !!
Why ? Because the Barbie have all kinds of accessories, from earring, hats, shoes, skirts, blouses, etc !! almost everything can put on body they will have it !

With that, now the request for Barbie doll cake also with new requirements. It must with unique fashion, accessories, different hair styles, etc. Actually we started that for our other cute cartoon design too, here, here and here, u see that ?

So glad that this round got a chance to create this unique Barbie doll cake with pink and light purple fashion.

Fullbody Barbie Cake Picture

Tips of the day:
Barbie are plastic, to have fondant stick on her body, do need to use edible glue instead of water !

Closer view for the Barbie doll, do you like the dress on her ?
Closer View of Barbie Cake

Specially created the flower hand-band too !
Closer view picture of Barbie Cake

Do you like this type of Barbie ? or another type we know is horror one. =)
If you would like to have one too ? Let us know which type you like and let have it your way !
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