Cakes and Cupcakes Duckie and Caterpillar !

Header picture of duckie and caterpillar

Duckie and Catepilar in Penang island for a birthday party !!
A special request from the customer, she provide the design require, specify how the duckie and caterpillar looks like, also the flower color and designs. 

The SIZE ?
How big the duckie size ? It is almost 3 inch width and height and need to be rounded and silhouette design require. Still remember our post on cute duckie too ? the size is way small.. is at here Catepilar ? half of the height and with cute eye looking at ? =) To have the duckie expression, that have been redo for almost 4 times ! really a challenging tasks. First time, the eye distance too close, 2nd time, the eye too high, 3rd the eye too low, huh !! final times only feel it is accepted. 

Tips of the day:
DO NOT give up on any design !! Try until you get the desire look you want !

Picture of duckie and caterpillar on cake

Another special request for the birthday girl name with flowers on cupcakes.
Picture of cakes and cupcakes with flowers

Last but not least, the cake and cupcakes design all together!
We like the overall look and presentation, it really a great achievement for us !
Picture of overall duckie and caterpillar cakes and cupcakes

Need another type of duckie and design ?
Just let us know and lets works on that to have another unique cakes for the special moment !
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Or do any other of duckie you saw before is cute ? comment and let us know !!