Chef Recommendation Dishes Cupcakes !!

Header picture of Chef recommendation dishes cupcakes

I bet you always look for Chef Recommendation dishes, right ?
This round you no need to search for that, let us share with you. Cheers... !!
Of course, not real dish but design in fondant ! Same for the "mee in box" and "chinese peach" design! 

But before this, let see what are dishes to be shared, not forget the Chef !! Chef CHEAH !!

A dish that mince meat in middle of the vege.. do you know that ?

Another famous dish base on pork, do you know that too ?

Tips of the day:
The plate for dishes must be another focus, make it more striking color to bring out the dish !

Want to have the similar design for someone.. or another chef ??
Just let us know and work towards that.