Smiling GrandMa for Birthday Celebration !!

Header picture of Grandma cake

Happy Birthday GRANDMA !!!
We are so proud of the design, like the smiling, and expression, we believe you will too.
This character expression are source from internet for a couple grandpa and grandma before.
So coincident have similar request, so make it a reality now !

Picture for Grandma character

On top of the Grandma character, also special request for edible pictures for the family members !

Overall look for the design, like it very much, you do ?
Picture of Grandma character and cupcakes

Tips of the day:
Again, lots of CMC require to make the fondant hard enought so it can stick with the edible image.

To view more grandma design cake or cupcakes, it is HERE, HERE, etc.
Need some advice on other design for grandma or grandpa event ? 
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