Starfish from Penang on Minion Head ?

Header picture of Minion with starfish cake
We like starfish, it such a great unique sea creatures that always available on beach.
With its unique star design, always being use on cake design too, especially beach theme for wedding, beach birthday party, etc !!

This round we make it little bit "naughty", is on Minions head. =)
And do you know 3D Minion also in progress ?? Hope can see it soon !! News here !

Let see how the we create the Minions cake this round !!

Oh... whats on my head !! ?
Picture of Minion asking what on my head

Let me have a pull on it !
Picture of Minion have a pull on starfish 

You see it now ?? 
Picture of starfish on Minion head

 Overall view for the cake design !! =)
Picture of overall view for Minion with starfish cake

Have other ideas want how your minion with other expression or with some other thing ? 
Just click link below for enquiry !! Lets us know and make it a special moment with cake and with your love one !