Travel The Globe Design Cake !! Do i said it start Penang ?

Header picture of Travel Globe and Luggage Bag cake
Do you like travel ? I believe everybody love it !
We of course like it too, so where have you been for last 6 months ? with your love one too ? business or vacations ? regardless, it still a great experience when out from our place, right ?

Once you have been traveling here and there, sometimes is good to make a count on that, like this request, do you know where they have been too ? Check it out !

Do you saw the countries name on flag ?Picture of globe cake with flag

Another view of the globe on the luggage bag !

Picture of globe with luggage bag 

How about the ticket ?
Picture of luggage bag cake

Last but not least the overall look of the design!
Picture of globe with luggage bag cake

Again, the happiest moment would be seeing your happy expression how you like our design, you make our day !! So glad to receive your messages with just a simple sentence "Thanks for the awesome cake and design !!"

Let us know if you need another globe ? =) or luggage bag ... a cake i am talking about..
Or other customize design, sculpture cake here, here, etc...
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