Madagascar Animation Cartoon Movie Cake in Penang !

Header Picture of Madagascar Cake

Madagascar Animation Cartoon - a great movie from Dreamworkds Animation !
It is one of our favorites cartoon too, so glad to receive the request to have it on the birthday cake with fondant design !! Of course, if you require the cake and cup cakes, NO PROBLEM for that too. =)

This request come with a special additional request, must have an aeroplane on top, flying back to Penang or to Madagascar, whichever you like ! So let see the outcome:

Lets look at Gloria the Hippo... and Melman the Girafee, 
the lovely couple in the movie !!
Picture of Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe

Next Marty the Zebra and Alex the Lion.. 
a great partner in the movie !!
Picture of Marty the Zebra and Alex the Lion

With the special additional items - Aeroplane !!
Picture of Madagascar Movie Characters With An Aeroplane

Lets see the FULL view of the design !! 
Picture of Full view of the Madagascar Movie

We are glad that have opportunity to bake and create the cake with the Madagascar movie theme!!

To have your own design and theme for your cakes at Penang ? or cupcakes in Penang for any cartoon theme ? Like Snoopy, Doctor McStuffin, Disney Baby Mickey Mouse, etc Just update us a short info and we will get back to you !
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