Family Cakes with Headshot and customize cupcakes !!

Header picture for Family design cake

Family design cake, always a request from everyone, agree ?
This round special request want to have total 10 headshot, family members looks on cake, really a challenging tasks, right ?

Previously we did quite a lots of headshot design like HERE, HERE and HERE
Do you like those ? and how about this new design now ?

Headshot picture for Family design cake

Tips of the day:
Skin color are critical, try to mix more amount than what you need !

On top of headshot, birthday girl like fruits and vegetables very much, thus special request for that.
You see what fruits and vegetables design we have created ?
Cake and cupcakes for Family design cake

Also, additional cupcakes that customize for her !
Customize cupcake picture for Family design cake

Need your family design cake or cupcakes too ?
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